July 6 2017


I am writing this letter to thank Nicole Poston Thompson for her involvement in my new Norris Air Facility.

I met Nicole after I had researched the architect that had designed the SAAGER Building on Val Vista and MeKellips, and the new Fire Station on Main and 63rd St. in Mesa.  I was impressed with both the designs. I wanted a Mesa business and being a Female Owner and chose Nicole because I felt that working with a Woman Architect would be a great benefit to create an Air Conditioning Company with a” Welcoming Feel”, and not just another office building..

After several meetings about my desires, Nicole went right to the design mode.  She understood that every employee wanted a window. I wanted a Showroom with working AC equipment, and a conference room for meetings.  Her understanding and design was more than I expected!  The roof-line is multi-faceted and has beautiful street presence.  The interior ceilings are 12 foot high and the foyer is vaulted to 18ft.

Nicole provided drawings and worked directly with our Installation Department to create the ability to cool the entire 5000 sq. ft. building using zoned mini-split central air and heating systems.

Nicole also attended all of the Mesa City Zoning and Design Review Board and the City Council  Meetings with me, just in case they had any questions.  This was above and beyond her contract and made the process of obtaining the building permits much smoother and quicker.

She went shopping with me as we decided on the Main Entry steel doors.  She gave me advice on the Stone Veneer for the front of the building as well as the signage out front.

As we worked together, I felt that Nicole was truly interested in my thoughts and understood my ideas and valued me as a client.  I would highly recommend Nicole Poston Thompson to any of my business associates and friends.  Nicole possesses a great talent as well as listening to her client’s needs for running a business comfortably now, and for the potential of growth in the future.



Paula Norris

Owner, Norris Air Inc.