Burger Restaurant

It takes a maverick to balance zoning requirements and corporate standards.

To the Point: New restaurant with drive thru
Location: Mesa, Arizona
Owner: LC Properties 1, LLC

The design of this new Rally’s Burger Restaurant presented a significant challenges because of the location. The City Zoning Ordinance required that the design of this building blend with the existing shopping center that was developed in the mid-1980’s. That’s 40 years of blending!

This site sits on a corner of two major cross streets, allowing for full view of the building and great access for clientele. Working with the Rally’s corporate image, On Point developed a one-of-a-kind Rally’s Burger that showcases the Rally’s brand while complementing shopping center architecture.

Large corporate shade canopies were straightened out to provide a more modern, and elegant front. The Rally’s signature checkerboard pattern is highlighted by dark brown brick with white stripe to tie into the colors and materials found within the shopping center. Dark grey horizontal siding helps tie all the elements together in a cohesive appearance.

On Point was integral in developing the site layout to include all required elements of the City ordinance, Rally’s corporate requirements, and owner desires. We helped the client obtain a variance to alleviate current site development zoning standards, achieve Design Review Board approval, and acquire site plan approval from the Zoning Board.