Self-Storage Facility- Peoria

Peak design with your budget in mind.

To the Point: New 1,025-unit self-storage facility with 108 spaces for RV & boat storage
Net Rentable Area: 121,926 SF storage, 59,600 SF RV & boat storage
Location: Glendale Stadium District, Peoria, Arizona
Owner:Assured Self Storage

Keeping an eagle eye on every project budget, On Point’s top-notch designer focuses on inventive solutions that result in profitable investments.

This brand-new facility boasts more than120,000 SF of slickly-designed self-storage space. It also includes a safe and convenient oasis for RV parking in more than 59,000 SF of shaded spaces located at the rear of the site.

During the critical planning phase, On Point worked closely with City building department staff to eliminate the costly fire sprinkler system within the large RV canopies, which saved the client well over $100,000!

This was not an easy project; it required maneuvering through the complex and lengthy entitlement process to satisfy the City and adjacent neighborhood residents. With dogged determination, we helped the owner obtain Planned Area Development (PAD) overlay zoning for the new parcel to allow for 7.5 acres of storage, as well as setting aside four acres for future residential. We also helped obtain a General Plan Amendment and an approved Site Plan Review.

The super site plan paid off, and within two years of the facility opening, the RV spaces were fully occupied.

Success Update: In 2021, the facility will be expanded to fill the entire 11.5-acre parcel. Cha-ching!