Trailer Repair Facility- Phoenix

An architect should work as hard as you do.

To the Point: 22,000 SF industrial building
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Owner: MBI, Mr. Bult Inc., the largest provider of long-haul waste transportation in North America.

It takes a bad-ass architect to solve site challenges.

MBI’s new building is for trailer repair, tire replacement shop, and truck wash. This new building is attached to an existing metal building that houses their truck repair facility. The new building adds 10 new bays for servicing of trailers, including an additional 4,000 SF of mezzanine storage area!

This project was for a metal building on an existing site, which had been developed as an industrial lot since the early 1980’s. With the help from a zoning attorney, we obtained a Use Permit to allow for demo of existing buildings along with the new building without being required to bring the entire site up to landscaping compliance.

We eliminated thousands of dollars of landscape installation in an area that would make zero sense to add trees and bushes. We also negotiated with City staff to avoid costly building material upgrades and used only wainscot at the base of the building.

Our services included site plan review with the City and construction documents as required for a building permit. We coordinated with the metal building manufacturer for complete structural design.