New Church Sanctuary

Architecture is a serious business when disaster strikes.

To the Point: New church building
Location: Downtown Phoenix, Arizona
Owner: Greater Faith Believing in God Ministries

May 24, 2018 was a scary night for Greater Faith church leaders. They received a distressing phone call from the police that their beloved church had collapsed from a structural failure. By the grace of God, no one was injured, but the church was a total loss, and the site was cleared.

On Point developed a rebuild design to get church members back in the pews for Sunday service as quickly and efficiently as possible. Although the site was non-conforming within Phoenix, the City allowed the church to rebuilt to its previous size and required a use permit and multiple variances. After much discussion with the City, we provided a design that included nearly the same size worship center, commercial kitchen for church gatherings, and the necessary site upgrades to appease the City’s demanding zoning ordinances.

We kept the design simple, easy to build, and cost effective. The building has a single height parapet and introduces a lower masonry wall to break long elevations. Raised landscape beds and wall seats add to the church’s neighborhood charm. Tall, narrow windows offer a peek into the facility, while still maintaining safety and security. Steel canopies highlight entries and provide much-needed shade in the harsh desert climate.

From disaster to recovery, Greater Faith church was rebuilt with care and consideration.