Church Capital Campaign

Beautiful images motivate donors to give generously for church renovation projects

To the Point: Renderings to raise funds for church renovations
Location: Mesa, Arizona
Owner: One Life Church

Architectural renderings bring dreams to life and inspire parishioners to support capital campaigns.

One Life Church has been a central Mesa landmark since 1962. Nicole has been involved in just about every upgrade and remodel since 2004, when she did the original addition to the church’s main sanctuary.

The main Worship Hall is centrally located and the Fellowship Hall, smaller Chapel, and classrooms for Children’s Services are spread across four other buildings. The campus is currently a mash up of colors and materials, a result of 59 years of upgrades and remodels.

In the first phase, On Point is developing a much-needed color palette to breathe new life into the dated facility. This involves creating new renderings so everyone can visualize how the new colors and an updated courtyard could provide a more pleasing, cohesive, and inviting campus to their current and potential congregation.

These renderings set the stage for the congregation to conduct a $2.5 million capital campaign to raise funds for the entire campus upgrade.

Creative architects use technology to help clients raise money.