Hip New Bakery in an Interesting Old Building

A sharp architect blends the old with the new.

To the Point: New 3,366 SF bakery
Location: Main Street in downtown Mesa, Arizona
Owner: Proof Bread

Renovation projects are packed with opportunities.

We are giving life back to an old (think 1900’s) brick and mortar building with open ceiling, wood trusses, and skylights that has sat empty or used only for storage for several years.

Soon, there will be a hip new bakery in downtown Mesa where you can grab a delicious homemade chocolate sourdough croissant, fresh-brewed coffee, and a loaf of yummy sourdough bread to go.

The space is completely open from the front entry lobby all the way to the storage area in the back. The full kitchen is open for your viewing pleasure and you can even stay a while to enjoy your tasty breakfast as you watch bakers making their fresh dough daily.

Or you can sit outside at a patio table and enjoy the hustle and bustle in the heart of this quaint downtown neighborhood.

On Point worked with the bakers to create an architectural design and a space layout that met their needs and allowed customers to safely view them working. We also expedited design and produced all construction permitting documents, so they have this new space ready to move in by mid-January 2021.