Rock Climbing Gym Tenant Improvement

It takes an architectural wizard to transform a lifeless big box into a healthy exercise space.

To the Point: 20,071 conversion of big box space
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Owner: Alta Boulder’s Rock Climbing Gym

Sometimes we even surprise ourselves with how clever we can be.

This project was more than just bringing life to 20,071 SF of an old Office Depot. Our mission was to revive the exhausted space and convert it to a new rock climbing gym, which includes a yoga studio, exercise room, smoothie bar, spin aerobics tiered classroom, large area for rock climbing (climbing walls designed by others), and locker rooms with showers and foot washes.

No, this project was a puzzle from start to finish.

First, we had to work with rock wall designers in another country, Bulgaria to be exact. Then it challenged us to incorporate large bouldering rock walls into the existing space, locate 3 exercise rooms around the space for efficiency and best use of space, provide two locker rooms compete with foot washes and shower facilities, incorporate a smoothie bar for customer breaks, and provide yoga and weight lifting for those of us who prefer to stay ‘grounded.’

We provided complete architectural design guidance, including floor plan, material selection, permitting, and coordination for Maricopa County Environmental Services Department and City of Chandler approvals.

Whew. This one got our heart rate revved up.

Photograph by Erin Horn @erineileenphoto