RV & Boat Storage Facility- Bellemont

The northern Arizona climate requires rugged architectural solutions.

To the Point: New RV & boat storage facility with 223 parking stalls
Location: Bellemont, Arizona (unincorporated Coconino County island)
Owner: Vinson Realty & Investments

A little bad-ass architecture goes a long way when the project is in a rural community where it snows. What are critical impacts on building and parking solutions? We know that shade creates unsafe areas on driveways, so it is super-important to think ahead about where buildings are placed.

Our solution: orient buildings east/west when possible.

This 4.82-acre site allows for three types of RV and boat storage parking: private garage, three-sided (weather resistant) port, and covered canopy. The 98,950 SF facility also includes a 400 SF office space.

The building features an attractive red roof with dark grey stacked masonry, and light grey Mesastone (ground face masonry) set in running bond. We designed for maximum security with modernized gates made of black steel frame and steel grate inlay.