Superfood & Juice Bar

Fun begins with a bad-ass architect.

To the Point: 500 SF new juice bar
Location: Downtown Gilbert, Arizona
Owner: Karma Apple

Experienced entrepreneurs help new entrepreneurs.

On Point’s architect loves helping new business owners bring their dreams to life. For this new retail business owner, we provided interior design consultation, kitchen equipment plan, construction documentation, and permit assistance.

This space includes the spacious ordering area with product cooler, large counter, kitchen, and outdoor dining.

The space is hip, modern, and a great location to grab some yummy vegan superfoods!

“I really enjoyed working with Nicole. She was positive, easy to work with, and understood my vision for the shop. She turned plan revisions around quickly and made the whole process run smoothly. She went above and beyond to research what the Town and County required for my business. She also coordinated with the Town to make sure my zoning was approved, and submitted my application and plans online to save time. I would definitely work with her again in the future!”Joanie Cady, Owner, Karma Apple