RV & Boat Storage, Phoenix

Good architecture reflects a company’s brand.

To the Point: New RV & Boat Storage Facility
Location: North Phoenix, Arizona
Owner: Fortress RV Storage, Inc.

Who says an RV & boat storage facility must be boring and bland? This new facility stands out among its rivals because its design reinforces the Fortress company brand of strength, fortitude and power.

Fortress RV & Boat Storage provides over 10.5 acres of interior and exterior covered storage. On Point provided site and facility design and material selection.

This small but mighty office building has a massive sloping roof element on top of sloping walls that creates a modern buttress castle. The site masonry walls mix masonry, stacked stone, and stucco to imitate ancient castle walls. The entry is adorned on both sides with large pillars and stamped concrete paving to invoke feelings of crossing a castle drop bridge.

Our tenacious attention to detail shows clients that no stone will go unturned when bringing their dreams to reality.